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Glenn?’s Game

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Submitted by: Kelly Miller
Added: September 26, 2008
Duration: >30 minutes

This is a relay type game. Divide the class into 2 teams. Each team is sitting in a row of chairs, facing a chalkboard with 2 pieces of chalk and 2 erasers. On either side of the chalkboard is a small table. On each table is a set of scripture mastery cards, spread out, and a container of play dough.

The teacher yells, Go!” The students in the first chairs run up to the table. They grab a SM card and immediately have to draw the scripture (like Pictionary). Once their team has guessed correctly, the student grabs another SM card. This time they have to act it out (like charades). As soon as their team gets it, they grab a third SM card. This time they have to mold something out of the play dough so their team can guess which Scripture mastery it is.

As soon as they have all 3 challenges completed, they put the three SM cards they used under the table and run back to their seat. The next person in line comes to the front and repeats the procedure with 3 more SM cards.

The first team to correctly get through all 25 SM cards wins.

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