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Iron Rod: The words of Christ will tell us all things we should do

This week is a fun activity that my family did when I was growing up and it just stuck with me and I thought it would be PERFECT for this week's sharing time. So after a phone call and a few smooches to my boys we've got the Friend article and an awesome object lesson. Thanks Dad!

For this week we'll be using the Friend! Hold to the Iron Rod and you'll need to run to the hardware/plumbing store --- or you could use a pool noodle!--- and some rope and a blindfold.

At the hardware/plumbing store look for foam pipe insulation (plumbing aisle). It comes in packages of 4 or in a longer singles about 6ft long for a little under $1.50!!

Then using some rope (I got mine from from the dollar store automotive section) attach one end with heavy duty tape to the chalkboard and then the other to a chair wherever you'd like to start. Then as your kids begin at the chair they hold onto the pipe and move it towards the chalkboard with the tree.

On the floor you can either create a straight path down by your "iron rod".

Today we are going to talk about a vision the prophet Lehi had in a dream. In his dream Lehi saw a tree with white fruit. He ate the fruit and it made him happy. Then he asked his family to come and eat the fruit. He wanted them to be happy too. Lehi also saw many people holding onto an iron rode. The rod led them on a strait path through mists of darkness to the tree. Some of the people ate the fruit but other did not.
The objects Lehi saw in his dream have special meanings.

   The Tree of Life = the love of God   (point to the tree)
   The fruit = is happiness and eternal life 
(put the fruit onto the tree)
   The iron rod = the word of God
We can find the word of God by reading the scriptures, listening to the prophet, and attending church.
Get some volunteers.
(this small part is a little different from the Friend article THIS is the part I remember vividly from when my family did it)
Have a couple try to get to the tree without the iron rod blindfolded after a few tries ask "Why can't you get to the tree?"  (I can't see where I'm going), "Do you think there's another way to get to the tree?" ( Help)
Have them grasp the "iron rod" and follow the straight path to the tree and get a fruit off the tree. When they get there and pick their fruit ask  "How did you feel knowing that you could get to the tree now?
Just as the rod guided you to the tree, we can all return to Heavenly Father by holding onto the word of God
Jenny says: "The beauty of this lesson is that you don't have to make an enormous Iron Rod to have a long path back to your tree of life.  The foam pipe will slide along the rope so you can build your iron rod less expensively.  An old pool noodle will work for this activity as well, however, it'll be hard to grip."  This is fun idea for mutual or FHE.
Post Date: January 12, 2016
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Author: Jess

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