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Magnifying Callings

Amy Roskelley Huish:

Teaching DandC84:1-42 next week and using excerpts from President Hinckley's 1989 talk titled "Magnify your calling". I am introducing the lesson using my binoculars. The students will have to use them to decipher clues in a tiny font posted across the room. The clues will lead them to the oath and covenant of the Priesthood in v.33-34.
President Hinckley has a wonderful analogy about binoculars and magnifying your calling. He also recounts the events of Oliver Cowdery's activity in the church. FYI, There is an assessment question on the next test that covers this topic so I want to make sure the students have a memorable visual to go with the idea of magnifying your calling as it pertains to the priesthood.
Post Date: January 31, 2015
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