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Apostasy and the Restoration

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Items needed

  • breakable plate
  • permanent marker
  • another plate with items required for the true church already on it

Give one student the marker and the plate.

Ask the students to list the things necessary in the true church / Christ's gospel (i.e. apostles, revelation, baptism by immersion, etc.).

As items are listed, the student with the plate will write those items on the plate. When the class has run out of ideas, show the plate to the class and indicate that the plate is complete and whole... just as Jesus' church was when He was alive.

Then place the plate in a bag, and have another student come up and strike the plate a couple of times with the hammer (it should shatter into many pieces, hopefully large and small ones). Then pull out some of the pieces and try to put the plate back together. Point out that even if you glue the plate together, there will still be some pieces missing...it will never be completely whole again without a restoration of all the missing items.

If you are really clever, you will have another (unbroken) plate with the items written on it that you can pull out as the "restored" plate.

Here are some references about the True Church

September 6, 2006
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