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A mini lesson is a short lesson segment that is based on a specific lesson or topic. It is not like a teaching technique which is a general teaching method that can be used in many situations. They are not object lessons which rely on an object to teach a gospel principle and are usually lesson openers or closers.
Mini lessons are content specific and meant to be a part of the doctrinal teaching, or meat, of your lesson. A mini lesson usually takes between 5-30 minutes to present. I recommend that you plan your lesson time to include several mini lessons. The change in subject and activity will help keep students engaged.

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After seven years operating the Seminary Teachers of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Facebook group, I've seen it all. Too many of us are giving answers about race and priesthood intended to preserve faith that do not convey the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth sohelpmegod. We know lot […]
Scripture References: Official Declaration 2
Luke 1:13. Prayers are not always answered immediately. Sometimes we must wait a long time to receive answers to our prayers. (10–15 minutes) After the opening prayer, ask students: Does God hear every prayer? Does He answer every prayer? What should we do if an answer doesn’t come right away? Read Luke 1:13. What does this […]
Scripture References: Luke 1
John 1–3. The Lord’s titles teach us about His life and mission. (25–30 minutes) Bring a loaf of bread, a lightbulb, a glass of water, and a rock to class. Ask: How are each of these objects symbolic of the life of Christ? (You could use John 4:10–15; 6:48; 8:12; Jeremiah 2:13; and Helaman 5:12to show how these objects can […]
Gospel Topics: , ,
John 1:1–3. Jesus Christ was a member of the Godhead before He came to earth. (15–20 minutes) Take a baseball (or other ball of a popular sport in your area) to class. Ask: How much is this ball worth? How would the value of the ball change if it were signed by members of a […]
Scripture References: 1 Nephi 11, John 1
Matthew 2:13–21. The purposes and work of the Lord cannot be frustrated. (5–10 minutes) Show the students a glass of water and a teaspoon of sugar. Stir the sugar into the water. Then invite a student to separate the sugar from the water. Read Doctrine and Covenants 121:33 and ask students: How is the difficulty […]
Scripture References: D&C 121, Matthew 2
Matthew 1:18–25. Certain qualities make good parents. (10–20 minutes) Ask two students to describe a characteristic they like about their parents. Invite a father or mother of a student to come to class and speak for three to five minutes and describe their feelings when their child was born, tell what the child was like […]
Scripture References: Ephesians 2, Luke 1, Matthew 1, Romans 8
Gospel Topics: ,
This lesson is especially good for demonstrating why priesthood ordinances are still effective if performed by a priesthood holder who is unworthy.
Scripture References: D&C 121
Promises in the ScripturesBy Linda Magleby For he will fulfil all his promises which he shall make unto you, for he has fulfilled his promises which he has made unto our fathers. Alma 37:17 There once was a young boy who had a very important question. He wanted to know which church was right so […]
Gospel Topics: ,
Tell the following story and invite the children to stand and act it out with you: “A man was walking along a road (walk in place). He fell into a deep hole (sit down). He tried and tried but could not get out (pretend to try to get out). He called for help (quietly call […]
This idea came from a Pinterest post by Erin Guinup. She didn't post a link to a website, but posted a picture of her chalkboard from doing this activity that you can see at right. You can see her pin on my Seminary Pinterest page. Basically, you start with a topic. Each student is given […]
Scripture References: 1 Nephi 16, Acts 14, Hebrews 11, John 7, Mark 7, Mosiah 1
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