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the first christmas spirit The First Christmas Spirit
This Mormon Message is great for introducing the life of Jesus Christ through the experiences of Joseph. 6 minutes 41 seconds. Above is the YouTube version of this video. This video is also available at, where you can show it using the Church's wifi.
birth of christ video What was the birth of Jesus Christ like
Ever wonder what the birth of Jesus was really like? Or what the manger looked like? Or why there is always an ox and donkey as part of the Nativity story? Well, learn why in this Christmas video talking about the likely setting of the birth of Jesus. This video is available on YouTube only. […]
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parable of the sower video Parable of the Sower Animated Movie
The Parable of the Sower - Animation movie is a fun way to teach the parable of the sower.  You should know that it is not from a correlated source, but it's from a believer in Christ.  Also, you will have to use your own data to show it during class as YouTube is blocked […]
difficult things You can do Difficult Things
I want to assure you that you can do hard things. Elder John B. Dickson, a marvelous Seventy, now emeritus, who served with distinction all over the world, demonstrated this in a fun and unusual way. Elder Dickson was called to serve as an LDS missionary in Mexico in 1962. Before he departed, he was […]
annunciation mary The Annunciations
For a transcription of this video, visit the site of its creator, Daniel Smith. This video describes a lot of scriptural symbolism and uses videos from several places to teach about the Annunciation of Mary.  I'd use this with older groups, like Seminary or adult Come Follow Me classes. Please note, this isn't a video […]
wise men seek jesus The Wise Men Seek Jesus
This video is silent -- perfect for setting a spiritual tone in your class.  It shows the wise men traveling, visiting a baby, and the departure to Egypt. Penny Abshire says: "I used this video .... When the video got to the part where the Wisemen saw Mary walk out of the house, I began […]
cups apostasy Great Apostasy
In learning about the Great Apostasy, this student started telling us about a Family Home Evening lesson his sister did. Using cups we have in our room, he gave us a visual of just what the apostasy can do a google search and fin...
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