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Are you Paying Attention?

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Items needed:

a picture of a bird and a quarter


Display a picture of a bird and a quarter. Then tell the following story:

Two men were walking down a busy city street. The one asked the other, "Listen to that bird." "I don't hear a bird," the other replied. "No, you must listen harder." The second individual listened very carefully and after a few seconds, he finally heard the bird amongst the hustle of the street.

The first individual asked, "Do you think THEY hear the bird?" The second man looked around at the rushing pedestrians racing past them. "No, probably not." "Now watch this." The first gentleman flipped a quarter, allowing it to fall to the ground. Scads of people stopped and looked for the fallen coin. "Amazing," came the reply of the second man.

How often do we walk through life, with our minds and hearts attuned to the material things of life? (i.e. worries about money or prestige?) Or perhaps better worded, how often do we listen for the things of God? Are our ears attuned to hear His voice? (http://seminaryclassnotes.blogspot.com/2006_03_07_archive.html)

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