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Below you will find the NINE training videos and bonus material related to using cell phones in the classroom. Please don't share a link to this page with anyone else until after December 7.

Please don't forget this is a THREE-STEP process: 1) take the pre-instruction survey (you've already done this), 2) watch some videos, and 3) take the post-instruction survey to provide feedback on the effectiveness of the training. Thank you!

Step One:

Completion of the surveys is required to access the videos. If you haven't taken the first survey, please do it now:

Step Two:

Watch any or all of the videos. The three most important videos are To Ban or Not to Ban videos, and the Learn to Be a Gospel Library Ninja in 30 minutes or less.

Video One: To Ban or Not to Ban - Current Situation, Affective Learning, Importance of Tone

Learn what the research says about the problem of cell phones in classrooms, find out what affective learning is and why it matters to Seminary teachers, and learn how TONE matters most when you introduce a cell phone policy to students. 21 minutes.

Video 2 - Learn what you should think about when deciding whether or not to ban cell phones in your classroom

What questions should you ask yourself when deciding whether or not to allow cell phones in your classroom? What factors make a good policy? 10 minutes

Video 3 - What does the research say about what type of cell phone management policy is most effective?

What does the research say makes up a successful cell phone policy? 11.5 minutes.

Video 4 - Get nerdy with the research and find out what students say are the most effective ways to prevent or stop unwanted cell phone use in the classroom

What do students say are effective ways to manage cell phones in the classroom? Learn how you can implement reactive and preventative management methods in a gospel classroom tomorrow. 11 minutes

Video 5 - Learn to use verbal and nonverbal cues to stop or prevent unwanted device use

This video teaches gospel instructors how to coach appropriate behavior using verbal and nonverbal cueing. Includes a discussion on positive reinforcement and how to add more positivity into your classroom while maintaining discipline. 15 minutes

Video 5 - Learn which class setups discourage unwanted cell phone use and why

Learn how to use Classroom Setups like Ladder, U-shape/Rainbow, Boardroom, and Gauntlet to control and influence cell phone use. Learn which setup I recommend for correcting misuse in small classes. 25 minutes.

Video 6 - Watch the first ever Gospel Library training video aimed at tips for TEACHING

More than just tips and tricks, Become a Gospel Library Ninja in 30 minutes or less will help you learn how to use Gospel Library IN THE CLASSROOM to enhance your teaching skills and help students learn skills to answer their own questions without using Google or Reddit. 26 minutes.

Video 7 - In-depth information on how to lead a group discussion to either develop a new policy or introduce an existing one

This training goes in-depth on how you can lead a group discussion to introduce an existing policy or develop a new cell phone policy. 13 minutes.

Video 9 - Watch to the end to find out my best recommendations for cell phone policies

Learn why you shouldn't make assumptions about what student finger movement means, find out how to use active learning to discourage unwanted device use, and find out Jenny's recommendations based on her research and experience. 19 minutes.

Cell Phone Policy Development Training Manual for Co-Teachers

Use this lesson guide to lead a four-lesson course on how to develop a cell phone policy with a co-teacher. Used to help build unity within stake teaching groups and develop bonds between teachers outside the co-teaching unit. Great for stake seminary supervisors or S&I in-service meetings.

cellphonepolicytrainingcoteachers Cellular Phone Policy and Implementation Training Main

Step Three

Post-Instruction Survey - STOP! Please don't do this until you've watched at least one of the training videos above!

Bonus Material

Active Learning

  • Teaching Techniques - MOST IMPORTANT LINK HERE! Use these techniques to solve your most common classroom problems, like increasing participation or giving every person a turn. Each idea can be used in multiple lessons.
  • Object Lessons

Breaking the Plane/Circulate

Watch the video below to find out why and how to use Circulate in your classroom:

Signaling Authority

Watch this video to see what signaling authority is:

Watch this video on The Teach Like A Champion website to see a pro-teacher signaling authority in her classroom, and read a detailed analysis of what's happening.

Teach Like a Champion - Teaching Methods Playlist (50+ videos)

Visit the whole playlist here, or watch below:

The Spirit World/Cell Phone Parking

Here are the inspiration texts for The Spirit World:


  • Pocket Points – gives students points for staying off their phones; Free for educators and students
  • Jeopardy Builder - build jeopardy games to test learning
  • Quizziz – not blocked at Church, like Kahoot. Free.

Gospel Library App Training Tutorials

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