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Different Lenses

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Read the same block with different eyes looking for different things, as if you were wearing a new pair of glasses with different lenses. A parent, a bishop, a missionary, a teenager, someone tired and depressed, someone newly married, someone needing repentance, someone who doesn't get along with their parents, etc.

For example, ask the students how this scripture verse might affect a person who has recently experienced a great loss. How might you read this differently if you were a teacher/parent/missionary? How will your students react to this verse based on what you know of their personalities and situations?

You can use this technique during your lesson preparation or during teaching, by asking students to read with different lenses.

(Adapted from Panning for Gold: Various Methods to Understand and Apply the Scriptures to Ourselves by Eric Bacon, Northwest Area Seminaries)

Jenny says: I have used this technique successfully with all ages of student, from child to elderly adult.  Usually I cut out eyeglass shapes and write the role the person will be assuming on the glasses.

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