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Brains and Brawn

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Place two stacks of scratch paper on the floor next to each other. Place a garbage can about 10 feet away.

One player from each team comes forward and stands by a paper stack. You read the clue (or start reading the actual scripture) and the first person (of the two) to answer correctly (or chase for the scripture) gets a point for their team. (This is the BRAINS part.)

Immediately thereafter, you say “go” and the same two students grab a sheet of paper from their stack, wad it up into a ball, and through it to the wastebasket. They continue doing this until one of the two makes a basket. This team is then awarded a point for making the basket. (This is the BRAWN part.)

It may or may not be the same team to get both points each round. I like this game because it gives all students the chance to earn points, even if they don’t always know the answers. If you don’t have stacks of scratch paper, then just use real balls.

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