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Don’t Axe the Turkey

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Materials needed:
3×5 cards (15 – for teacher use only) with 15 different game boards drawn on them.

On each 3×5 card divide into 9 sections (like tic-tac-toe)
1. Fill in each game with the same points and words, just in different places on each game board. The teacher will use a different one for each round of play.
2. Use Axe in one, tur (first part of turkey) and key (second part of turkey) in two other squares, the number 5 in 3 squares, the number 10 in two squares, and the number 15 in one square. This should fill in the 9 squares. Then do it differently in each of the other game boards.

1. Ax = go bankrupt, game round is over, lose all of your team’s points.
2. tur= first part of turkey = 25 points
3. key= second part of turkey = 25 points
4. Points = to 50
5. Both parts of the turkey = 50 points and any other points earned

On the blackboard:
1. Draw the same 9 square grid game board.
2. Number in each corner 1-9
3. This will be used by the class. Your various cards will be for each round.

Game: The students sit in teams. The teacher asks a question. (can be used with scripture chase) 5 points are given to every team that can ring the bell and give the correct answer. (or if scripture chasing, has all members with the right scriptures within a given time selected by the teacher (example: 10 seconds). When a team gets 15 points, then they are ready to play on the board. Someone will need to keep score of each zone/team.

The first zone who has 15 points picks any number 1-9. You tell them from your personal game board card what is on that numbered square and write in on the board.

If the number they call happens to be the Ax, they lose the total points earned so far in the game, and one starts over with another game card with the teams working towards another 15 points.

If they select another square where the Ax is not, then they can keep the points earned (up to 50), stop, or keep playing until they get the two parts of the word tur-key and win 50 points plus all other points picked. Any point while playing the game, if they get the Ax square, then they loose all their points and have to start over. They can choose to stop at any point and keep their points.

Once they get 50 points, the TURKEY squares or the AX the round is done and the teacher scriptures chases until another zone gets 15 points.

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