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Submitted by: Kelly Miller
Added: September 26, 2008
Duration: >30 minutes

Class is divided into two teams, one on each side of the classroom. Set a time limit, such as 25 seconds, for each clue chased.

Teacher gives the key word, and time starts. At the end of the appointed time (such as 25 seconds), teacher yells STOP! One point is awarded to a team for each of its members that has the reference open prior to STOP! After chasing 2-3 references, a student from each team gets to throw an eraser at his team?s bucket for points. One student from each team hovers near their can to toss a missed shot back to his teammate. Each student has to throw at least one long distance shot before moving up to take a closer shot. Shooting ends when an eraser lands in a bucket. It does not matter who threw in the eraser! What matters is which team?s bucket gets the points from which line thrown (meaning you can score points for the other team).

Throwers and retrievers are rotated each time.
When activity time expires, the team with the most points wins.

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