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Human Tic Tac Toe

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Set up – 9 chairs in the center of the class in a tic tac toe formation.

Divide into two teams (x’s and o’s). Everyone on each team gets a number (We had 8 on each team so numbered them from 1-8)

Object – your team makes a tic tac toe before the other team.

The teams stand to the sides, x’s on one side of the room and o’s on the other. Call out 3 numbers, (i.e. 1, 5 and 8)(Thus making 6 players, three x’s and three o’s).

People with those numbers have to find the SM that I start reading. Once they find it (you may choose to have them come to you and show you the marked scripture), they put their finger in the book and run to a chair to start making a tic tac toe. The others join them as they find it, trying to block the other team and jumping up and moving to try and get their own team into a straight line (3 in a row) (they can switch chairs as they please).

Whoever gets the straight line first gets a point. They then go back to the side.

Second round starts by calling out another 3 numbers and reading a new SM. (I kept track of who I had called so that everyone would get a few turns) It took about 20 minutes for everyone to have 4 turns. I let them help each other find the scriptures on the team. My non participators really got into it. Really gets the blood going.

I had to make a rule that they couldn’t push someone off of a chair, but after that they were good!

Here’s a handout for Human Tic Tac Toe:

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