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Kelly D’s Easy Scripture Mastery Game

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By Kelly Davider

Kelly Davider


OK this may sound like the lamest SM game ever, but the kids really like it and it takes NO prep at all and the class loves it…I made it up. They get into pairs and they speed read the SM. I set my phone for 1 min. Each gets a turn at 1 min then 45 then 30 seconds and down until there are just a few they come to the front and get candy if they can do it in 20 or 15 seconds depending on how long it is. It totally wakes them up at 6AM in the morning and the more fluent they are with the SM the faster it goes. IF you try it let me know. 😉 Happy Friday.
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Heather James


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Joan Layton Merrell


no-prep fun is the best!
like Kelly D’s Easy Scripture Mastery Game 2
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Darcie Johnson Mangum


So you time them speed reading? Or reciting from memory? Sounds really fun!

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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