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King of the Mountain

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Set up: You need several pieces of paper (equal to the number of half your class). Label each sheet with a number, starting with zero and continuing upward. (For example, I have twelve students, so I need 6 sheets of paper, labeled: 0,1,2,3,4&5) (If an odd number of students are present, then I play with them to make it even.). Tape the sheets of paper to the floor in a line, about 2 feet apart from each other. This is the “Mountain” and Zero is the top of the mountain (the largest number is the bottom of the mountain). You’ll need to make a pair of cards for each SM you are using to play this game. The number of SM should equal the number of spots (numbered papers) on your mountain. (So I would choose 6 SM scriptures, since I have 6 pairs of students in my class.) For each SM make one card that has the key word, and one card that has the reference. Place all cards, face down, randomly on the floor.

To play: When I say “go” each student runs and picks up a card. They must find who is holding the matching card, and then the pair will race to be the “king of the mountain” (by being the first pair to stand on the Zero paper.) As other pairs match up, they race to stand on the lowest available number on the mountain. Each person must keep track of their own points (which # they are standing on) (So two people will score zero points, two will score 1 point, etc.) (Because the pairs are going to be different each time, each individual must keep track of his own score). Gather the cards, shuffle, and lay them out again. Play starts over, with new pairs racing to be the “king of the mountain.” After a set time, or a set number of rounds, the person with the lowest score wins.

Variation: If you want to concentrate on the scripture itself (instead of key words), then write half of the scripture on one card and the second half of the scripture on the matching card.

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