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Mastery Madness

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Supplies per group: 1 die,1 pie pan,1 pen,1 piece of paper per student, and scriptures for each student. Game: Sit in a circle with scriptures opened to a pre-selected SM.

Student will roll die into pan trying to get a 6, the pan and die continues around the circle with each student rolling the die trying to get a 6. As soon as someone rolls the 6 they grab the pen and begin printing the text of the chosen SM verse on their own sheet of paper. The remaining students continue rolling the die. As soon as someone else rolls a 6 they yell “STOP” and take the pen and begin writing the verse on their own sheet of paper. It gets to be a lot of fun because some students barely get started and then have to give the pen to someone new. Students pick up writing where they left off the next time they roll a six.

The winner is the first person to correctly write out the entire verse (so I can read it). The beauty of this game is that they are trying to memorize the scripture when they’re not writing so that they don’t have to look at their scriptures (it slows them down) when they are trying to write.

I do have rules that you cannot throw the pen or withhold it from a player; if I see you do that you have to start writing from the beginning again. This works best with medium sized verses. If you have a large group, you may want to split into two circles, or use 2 pens—one labeled for the #6 on the die and one labeled for the #1 roll.

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