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Plate Toss

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: September 20, 2007
Duration: 5-10 minutes

Goal: Memorize one of the scripture mastery verses.

? 15 ? 20 paper plates
? Permanent Marker

? No scoring for this game ? everyone should learn the scripture mastery

How To Play:
1. Write the scripture mastery verse that you want to memorize on the paper plates, 2-3 words per plate. Don?t forget to write the Book, Chapter, and Verse(s) on the first plate.

2. I usually write the words on the ?eating? side of the plate

3. Tell the class the scripture mastery you are going to be learning and introduce it if necessary.

4. Next, tell them that they will need to catch one or two plates and figure out where the words on their plates ?fit? in the scripture mastery. They DON?T need to sit in order of the scripture.

5. Next, tell them that they will be reciting the scripture mastery by holding up their plates as their turn comes, in 20 seconds.
6. Stand at the front of the class and begin ?tossing the plates? to the students one by one ? try to do this randomly so the plates get really messed up. GO FAST!

7. Help pick up any plates that don?t make it into student?s hands.

8. Count 20 seconds and say, GO!

9. Have each student hold up their plate, and read it out loud as their turn(s) comes.

10. Have them recite the scripture a second time.

11. Take this opportunity to point out key parts of the scripture mastery or ask one of the students to relate a personal experience about that scripture mastery.

12. Now it?s their turn to throw the plates!

13. Tell them to throw their plates to someone else in the class. Give them about 30 seconds to throw the plates and get organized.

14. Have them recite the scripture twice.

For some added fun, place a wastebasket at the front or in the middle of the room. When you are done reciting the verse, have them throw their plates towards the wastebasket. Award points or prizes for anyone that makes it in.


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