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Round Robin

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Prepare by making two copies of several “quizzes” on the SM or SM’s you are focusing on. These quizzes can be “fill in the blanks” “match key words to references” “unscramble the phrases” “first letter only (write the scripture with only the first letter of each word given as a clue)” etc.

Divide the class into teams (5-6 on a team works good) (The teams must be equal, so I play if needed). Have each team sit in a circle, each person with their own pencil. Give each team the same set of quizzes. Make sure there is one quiz per student.

On “go” everyone fills in as much as they can on their own quiz in 15 seconds. Then I say “pass it to the left” and everyone passes their quiz on and receives a new one to continue working on for the next 15 seconds. If the quiz they receive is complete, then they can use that time to double check and correct the given answers.

Play continues until everyone has seen each quiz once. Then we go over the quizzes together and see which team had the most correct answers.

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