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Spell-A-Word Relay

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Submitted by: Chuck Kipp
Added: March 5, 2008
Duration: >30 minutes

Goal: Be the first team to spell a word by finding the scripture mastery references in your scriptures as quickly as you can

? Scripture Mastery Cards ? Use the cards on Bro. Kipp?s Seminary Place or use the cards provided by CES
? Chalkboard or whiteboard for keeping score

– The first team to spell the word is the winner of the round

How To Play:
– Beforehand, decide on the four-letter ?word? you are going to use. We played this on Feb. 29th, so we used the word LEAP. Try to stick to a four or five letter word so that it will possible for the teams to spell it

– Use the grid below to distribute the letters of the word among the scripture mastery verses ? DO NOT SHOW THE GRID TO THE CLASS

– Divide the class into 3 or 4 equal teams

– Give each team member a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) so that when you call the number 3, for example, one person from each team will be scrambling to the center of the room

– Place all 25 scripture mastery cards face down in the center of the play area.

– Call out a number (1 to 4)

– Each team member that has the number you called runs to the center of the room and grabs a scripture mastery card

– They take that number back to their team and the remaining team members must find that scripture mastery reference in their scriptures

– For the first two or three teams that find the scripture mastery verse(s) in their scriptures, have them show you their scripture mastery card . Award those teams the letter from the grid that corresponds with their card.

– If you run out of cards before a team has completely spelled the word, put the 25 scripture mastery cards face down in the middle and continue

– If there is a tie, have a chase-off

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