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Spin the Dreidel

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Click on the [link below] to download the instructions for the Spin the Dreidel Scripture Mastery Game.

This being December, we are approaching the Hanukkah season which has its ties to the Old and New Testament. Your class has learned how the Tabernacle, and other ancient temples, had a large candlestick Menorah which was to be constantly burning (Exodus 25:31-37). In the 400 years between the Old and New Testament, there was a battle which caused there only to be a one day supply of oil for the lamps. But a miracle occurred in which the one day’s worth of oil lasted for 8 days until more oil could be secured. In the New Testament this festival is mentioned briefly in John 10:22 and today Jews all over the world celebrate Hanukkah.

Hanukkah this year (2011) starts on sundown December 20, and ends December 28th. Traditionally during Hanukkah, after the Menorah is lit, it is customary in many homes to play the Dreidel game. This is a Scripture Mastery game based loosely off of the rules of the dreidel game. You can often find this inexpensive toy in many stores in their holiday sections. You can also call your local synagogue and they can direct you were to find a dreidel top. Have fun spinning the dreidel!

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