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Don't judge a Kiwi by it's cover

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Pass around the kiwi fruit. Make the point that the kiwi has a rough, unpleasant, hairy, tasteless exterior. Ask the students the following questions:

  1.  What makes the kiwi fruit seem unappealing? (It's exterior.)
  2.  What are some outward features by which we judge others?
  3.  Who might be "kiwi people" around us?

When the fruit has been examined by everyone, peel off the skin, and slice up the inside to share. Make the following points:

  1.  Under it's unappealing exterior, the kiwi is an exciting, delicious fruit.
  2.  The kiwi is one of God's creations. Do you think God loved it less than a shiny apple or perfect strawberry? Why not?
  3.  You may feel you have a kiwi-like exterior. How does God feel about you? Read 1 Samuel 16:7.
  4.  People around us might be like this kiwi -- unappealing on the outside. How must we treat "kiwi people" around us? (By looking at them as God does -- focusing the good that's on the inside. Read 1 Samuel 16:1-7)

You might also ask the class if they notice certain times when they are more likely to be judgmental. Are they more unkind when they are around certain groups or people?

When teaching groups of girls, you may also wish to emphasize how focusing on the outside can cause us to ignore the good inside (self-esteem / self-worth).

Challenge the students to get to know the inside of a person they have been avoiding this week.

Adapted from Everyday Object Lessons for Youth Groups By Helen Musick, Duffy Robbins

January 24, 2010
Scripture Reference:
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