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Draw the right conclusion

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Items Needed:

Paper for each participant
Pens or Pencils for each participant

Lesson Idea:

Have a volunteer come up to the table with a piece of paper on it. Without lifting the pencil off the paper, have them draw a simple unfamiliar pattern without letting the other participants see it. (Not just a simple shape like a triangle or circle.) Then have the volunteer describe the pattern to the others.

As the volunteer describes the pattern, have the other participants draw their own copy of the shape based on the verbal description. When all of the instructions have been given, have the students compare their drawings and discuss why the drawings look different, as well as where the communication was unclear.

Tell the group that is important to learn to give clear directions. It is also important to listen carefully to the spirit, and to the directions of other good teachers and guides.


Proverbs 29:18
Luke 11:28
Alma 5:46
D&C 20:26

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