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Identifying sin

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Items needed

  • A caramel covered onion
  • A caramel covered apple

We must examine closely what our decisions are based on to be sure that Satan isn't deceiving us by disguising something evil.

Having the Holy Ghost with us as all times will help us not to be fooled by his traps.

Prepare the apple and the onion like a caramel apple on the sticks.

Ask the students to pick which caramel apple they would like to eat. Based on appearances, both look appealing, however, what is disguised as good will actually be disgusting if they choose the onion.

(Jenny - if I were doing this lesson, I'd tell my co-teacher ahead of time which was the onion and which was the apple ahead of time.  Then I'd tell the class that they have a helper in the class who can tell them which item to choose.  Then I'd let the co-teacher guide the class, and we'd talk about following the prophet or listening to promptings.)

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