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Magazine Modesty

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Items needed

  • a trendy magazine
  • an Ensign magazine

Take the cover off of a trendy magazine, like People magazine (I used one with Britney Spears on the front page) and tape it to the top of the Ensign cover.

At the beginning of the lesson, you ask the young women what they think the magazine contains? (Celebritites, latest fashions, who's dating who, etc.)

Go on to explain some more detailed things in the magazine. Then describe how you found the most interesting and wonderful article in the magazine. Ask a young woman to read the first paragraph or the title, etc. (I chose the First Presidency message by Gordon B. Hinckley and when the girls heard the first paragraph, they looked at me with shock!)

Then go on to explain that this magazine is actually full of things like Christ, testimony, faith, the commandments, etc., but you never would have guessed because of its outward appearance. Explain that when we dress immodestly, even if we are full of testimony, the light of Christ, faith, etc., that people will not see that. They will judge us based on our clothes because that is how we are presenting ourselves and our beliefs, and they might never know what truly faithful and valiant young women you are if you don't dress appropriately. (Maybe you can word this better than I can! 😉

(You could teach the principles in Matthew 23 -- whitewashed tombs filled with dead men's bones -- by covering a trendy magazine with an Ensign cover.)

May 26, 2005
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