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Pray Often

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Items needed

  • a penny for each member of the class

As seen in the July 2005 New Era. A morningside speaker told the seminary students to put the penny in their shoe. During the day whenever they felt the penny they were to offer a silent prayer. A penny in your shoe feels like a small rock in your shoe you definitely feel it. The author said that they enjoyed the experience so much of praying often that they continued the activity.

Penny for Your Prayers
By Shanna Butler

Morningsides were our seminary’s version of firesides. They were really early in the morning, but I was always glad I went.

At one of those early morning meetings, the speaker gave each of us a penny as we entered the chapel. We held the pennies throughout his talk, and at the end he challenged us to put our pennies in our shoes. His suggestion, at first, sounded like one of those things people do for good luck, like keeping a rabbit’s foot in your pocket. But then he explained his strange request.

The speaker asked us to pray every time we felt the pennies in our shoes. It didn’t sound too hard, but when I got up I realized that a penny in your shoe is only slightly less annoying than a rock in your shoe. Still, I decided to take the challenge.

During the day at school, the penny would slide around as I walked. And when I felt it, I remembered to offer a silent prayer. I forgot about the challenge after I took my shoes off until I wore those shoes again later in the week. I didn’t take the penny out but decided to pray again throughout that day. My day went so well I decided to put a penny in every pair of shoes I owned.

Those pennies changed me. Their effect was much better than good luck. They taught me how to pray and communicate with my Heavenly Father. Now I know how it feels to pray without ceasing and to always have a prayer in my heart (see Alma 34:27; 3 Ne. 19:24, 30).

I don’t keep pennies in my shoes anymore. After a few months, I didn’t need the reminder to thank Heavenly Father for my many blessings or to ask for His help when I needed it. I feel like I know Him better now, and I know He is always there to listen to and answer my prayers.

(You could use this to help students remember to perform any challenge you issue during a lesson, like smiling at others, remembering to look around you for others to help, staying off their phones, using good language, etc ~Jenny)

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