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Family prayer strengthens my family

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The prayers of the faithful shall be heard (2 Ne. 26:15).

“What do these scriptures teach us?” asked Daddy as he closed his Book of Mormon.

Four-year-old Tyler piped up, “Jesus said we should always pray.”

“That’s right, Tyler,” Daddy said. “Do you think that you can have a prayer in your heart all day today? Besides just praying for yourself, look for others who need blessings and pray for them. We’ll pray again for them when we have family prayer tonight.”

Mommy stood up. “It’s time to get the breakfast dishes done and for Daddy to go to his office.”

As Daddy walked to the front door, Tyler followed and grabbed his hand. “Daddy, I promise to find someone today who needs my prayer.”

Daddy picked up Tyler and gave him a hug. “Good! I knew that I could count on you.”

Later that morning, Tyler went with Mommy to take books back to the library. He looked for people who might need his prayer. He saw a lady holding a baby. The baby wouldn’t stop crying, no matter how the lady tried to soothe him. Tyler prayed quietly, “Please, Heavenly Father, bless the baby to be quiet and happy.”

After lunch, Tyler went outside to ride his tricycle. The people who lived next door were getting into their car. They waved to him. Tyler saw Mr. Radcliffe helping his wife climb out of her wheelchair and into the car. “Heavenly Father,” Tyler began to pray, “I like the Radcliffes. Please bless Mrs. Radcliffe to get well.”

That afternoon the doorbell rang. The piano tuner had come. Tyler loved to watch him use his tools on the piano. Tyler asked Heavenly Father to bless the piano man to do a good job.

Before Tyler’s bedtime, his family gathered again for family prayer. “Did you find anyone in need of blessings today?” Daddy asked Tyler.

“I found three people who needed my prayers—a baby, Mrs. Radcliffe, and the piano man.”

Mommy said, “That’s wonderful, Tyler! You followed the words of Jesus. You prayed for others. Heavenly Father heard your prayers, and He will answer them.”

Daddy said, “Tyler, will you say the family prayer now, please?”

As Tyler prayed, he remembered to ask another blessing on the people who had needed his prayers that day.

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Post date: November 7, 2008
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