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In the premortal life, I chose to follow Jesus Christ

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“Man was also in the beginning with God (D&C 93:29).

Choices! Choices! Life is full of choices! Should you wear your blue shirt or your red one? Should you play a game or do your work? Should you watch TV or read a book?

Making choices is a very important part of life on earth. Your right to choose was given to you when you lived in Heaven with Heavenly Father and Jesus. Heavenly Father held a council with you and all His other spirit children and presented an important plan. If you followed His plan, you would come to earth, receive a body, and be tested to see if you would choose to keep His commandments. If you did, you would be able to live with Him again.

Satan wanted to change the plan. He said that he would not give people any choices. He would force everyone to keep the commandments. Jesus liked Heavenly Father’s plan. He wanted people to be able to choose for themselves how they would live. He said that He would come to earth and be our Savior and Guide. Everyone who lives on earth chose to follow Jesus and Heavenly Father’s plan.”

We need to be careful when we make our choices that we choose the right things. We should choose to obey our parents, eat right, exercise, and go to sleep on time. We should treat people with kindness and respect. We should choose not to gossip or lie. If we do what is right, we will be happy and be able to return to live with Jesus again. He will be able to say to us, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…” Matt. 25:21

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