The Parable of the Kite

There once lived a girl, so faithful and true,
With so much potential, so much she could do.
Her favorite pastime was spent in the park-
Flying her kite, from dusk until dark.

Her father had built it, a bright, sturdy frame,
It seemed to hold up when the strong whirlwinds came.
It had a long tail, and what joy it could bring,
As it flew through the air, tightly held by the string.

Her father had warned her, to hold on quite tight,
The trial of the wind could put up a big fight,
This daughter grew restless, just watching it fly,
She wanted to see it soar deep in the sky.

One day she decided that it wasn't fair,
To punish this kite, and to hold back the air,
The kite deserved more than the same point of view,
If she just let it go, it could fly away too.

Because she was struggling-life was so hard,
She longed for the freedom to let down her guard,
Rules and commandments were causing such strife,
They just held her back, there was much more to life!

In just a brief instant, she cut off the string,
She took a deep breath as the as the air caught the wing
It spiraled; it turned, and quite soon she had found
Her precious kite mangled and crushed on the ground.

She then heard her father, his voice calm and true,
My child, these commandments are given FOR you
To help you and guide you and keep you a flight,
Just as string has preserved your invaluable kite.

I love you. I need you. You're precious to me.
If you keep my commandments, they help make you free!
Free to fly high, free from the sorrow,
Free to awake without guilt for tomorrow.

My daughter, please know that I'm sending my love,
I'll guide you; I'll hold you with strength from above.
As I hold your string, I won't let you down,
I promise, in heaven, that you'll get your crown!

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