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Repentance - the soap of life

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Items needed

  • dirty hands
  • soap
  • a bowl of water
  • a hand brush

Show your hands and offer to shake hands with anyone.

Show the bar of soap and ask:

Let me demonstrate. First, wash your hands in the water only.

Show your hands and ask:

  • How does this represent how repentance is often used?

Next wash your hands again using just a little hand soap. Show your hands again and ask:

  • Why aren't they clean, I used soap?

Last, wash again using lots of soap, both hand and dish detergent, along with the scrub brush.

Now show your hands and ask:

  • What was required to get my hands clean of the filth? How is this like repentance?

Repentance is a beautiful cleansing process which takes a lot of hard work and the proper steps.

Variation: display the soap and discuss

Presentation: Soap is a practical household necessity. Soap is cleansing. For physical cleanliness, soap must be applied frequently.

Lesson Application: Repentance is a practical principle of the gospel. Repentance is cleansing. Spiritual cleanliness requires constant repentance. Source: http://www.eprimary.dk/ - (visit the Primary Object lessons section)

September 22, 2004
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