Scripture Reference: 3 Nephi 10

March 13, 2011
A Spiritual Feast - Using a multi-day scripture teaching theme

Seminary Mom used lunch sacks to emphasize the importance of the material in 3 Nephi -- truly a spiritual feast. Kids in her class added notecards to their lunch sacks each day during the lesson to add to their feast. It's a great example of how to carry a theme over multiple days for lesson […]

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May 7, 2005
Our relationship with Heavenly Father protects us

Items needed a drawing of an umbrella surrounded by large raindrops OR a real umbrella, with paper raindrops hanging off of it, attached by different lengths of string. Have the class write or tell different temptations that occur in their lives. Write them on the raindrops and explain that just like in a rainstorm, Satan […]

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