Scripture Reference: Alma 37

May 14, 2008
Life is a Journey- Not an Obstacle!

This lesson is different than any 'obstacle course' object lesson, but it has a great point. Often times in life, we place obstacles in our way that really don't need to be there. Such obstacles include our own weaknesses, sins, pride, grudges, drama, stress, envy- you name it! Other 'obstacles' might really not be obstacles […]

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December 31, 2006
Heavenly Father keeps his Promises

Items needed a pack of gum or small bag of candy Lesson Ask for a volunteer. Tell them that if they do 10 jumping jacks (or something quick) that you PROMISE (use the word "promise" over and over) that you will give them a pack of gum. After they have finished, tell them they did […]

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