Scripture Reference: Matthew 12

December 5, 2018
Matthew 10–12; Mark 2; Luke 7; 11

If you choose to do the activity where you invite class members to come to class with questions, go to my training section and learn how to answer difficult questions effectively.

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May 24, 2012
Minor Prophets - 2

It's the last full week of Seminary, but who's counting? ME!!!!! *I* am totally counting down! Jonah 1-4 For our lesson opener I used the manual idea and had the kids write on a apiece of paper the last place they'd ever want to visit. I told the students it had to be a geographical […]

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October 7, 2008
The Ties That Bind

Items needed String Scissors Lesson Ask someone in the class if they would be willing to hold a string. After they have the one string, ask them to break it. After they break the string, give them two and tell them to try again. Continue to add a string or two until they are unable […]

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