Scripture Reference: Matthew 19

December 28, 2018
Matthew 19–20; Mark 10; Luke 18

"We should trust the Lord's mercy, not our own righteousness" is a great way to describe grace. Older church members may be confused about the role of grace in our lives. Be ready to teach the concept of grace in your classroom. Teachers of youth may find that some students are resistant to the idea of marriage. Be respectful and kind to those students, recognizing that some people choose to reject marriage because they fear rejection by potential spouses or because of negative experiences at home. Listen carefully to everyone's thoughts, and be ready to share gospel truths about marriage and your own experiences. Avoid sharing your opinions on homosexuality, do not make guesses about the meaning of church policies regarding homosexuality, and be ready to (kindly!) share the church's stance on homosexual marriage in a non-judgmental way. Remember that many youth are confused on these topics, and they need your love and support to help sort through conflicting messages. They will not turn to you if they recognize that you will not treat alternate viewpoints respectfully. Teachers of adults should be sensitive to the feelings of single and divorced members about marriage. For example, you should not suggest that finding a spouse in the hereafter should provide relief to the single who are lonely now. You need not shy away from difficult discussions, but talk with your Sunday School presidency if you need help preparing to teach this or any other controversial topic. Above all, be kind.

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January 20, 2007
Habitual sins are hard to break

Items needed thread glove attached to the back of a picture of Jesus Christ scissors Lesson Could anybody name some bad habits? biting fingernails, swearing, smoking, eating too much, driving too fast, drinking too much alcohol, gossiping, etc. Do you know anyone who has tried to break a bad habit and failed? I need someone […]

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