Scripture Reference: Moses 3

September 22, 2011
Creation 2

Today we covered Moses 3. I was out late last night with a DAR Fall Muster meeting registration I had signed up to help with, and when coupled with a family "crisis", I didn't get much time to work on my lesson for today. Luckily I had taken some notes on the material while we […]

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August 6, 2011
Keep the Sabbath day Holy - Sabbath Sundae

Items Needed: A bowl of ice cream Delicious topping for the ice cream Ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise Lesson Idea: Begin by showing your participants a bowl of ice cream. Ask what kinds of topping they like on their ice cream. (Chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, etc.) Now place the delicious topping on the ice cream and […]

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December 4, 2008
The Family: A Proclamation to the World” teaches the importance of marriage

One of the most [thrilling] moments of your life—when you were filled with anticipation, excitement, and gratitude—you are not able to remember. That experience occurred in the premortal life when you were informed that finally your time had come to leave the spirit world to dwell on earth with a mortal body. … … You […]

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October 20, 2008
Adam and Eve were the first family

The heavens and the earth were created by Jesus Christ under the direction of Heavenly Father. Everywhere you look you can see all that They created for you. The sun, stars, seas, animals, trees, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and all else show that you have a Heavenly Father and a Savior who love you (see Moses […]

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