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Sealing Power of the Priesthood

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Talk about how we all spend a lot of love, effort and energy building wonderful, beautiful families. Liken it to the work it takes to get all the little fuse beads just the way you want them in the correct colors and patterns on the peg board. Note how the pieces are little and all go together to make the whole picture and we have to choose them and handle them carefully. Say that this is the same as living our lives with our family. Then talk about how everybody must go through the "drop of death" Death is part of the plan and we all do it.

Push the peg board and beads off a ledge over the big bowl and see how the beads scatter everywhere ruining the picture and all the work we did.

Heavenly Father provides a way for us to keep our families together after the "drop of death" it is through the sealing power of the temple. (I have the iron plugged in heating up on a separate table with a picture of the temple displayed and a grownup standing guard.)

Talk about how you have to be careful on the way to the temple (if you rush or get silly you will wreck your "family" peg board). But in the temple the priesthood "seals" everything together (press iron on beads through parchment to fuse) show how the design is made permanent and demonstrate how the drop of death no longer can upset the beautiful picture.

February 18, 2006
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