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Content Tips:  
 - Please include scripture references in the content of your submission wherever possible.
 - Many of the users of this website do not speak English well. Imagine you are writing to a non-English speaker.

Type the gospel principles taught in your idea

 Object Lesson - short lesson that uses a physical object to teach a concept.  Usually includes scripture references.

Mini Lesson - short lesson, only good for one scripture or set of specific passages. 

Teaching Technique - This is a teaching tool that can be used in many different lessons. May include scripture references.

Visual Aids - must include a link to your video or an uploaded image.  Should include scripture references.

Handouts - must include a file or image.  If you're having trouble, email me at 

Quotes - please include the source of the quote, including the author name, book or article title, page number if you have it, and a URL if you have one.  

You can upload images in JPG, JPEG, or PNG format.

Thank you for sharing your ideas with other teachers!  Please follow the instructions to submit an idea.

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