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Sin interferes with hearing the Holy Ghost

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Items needed

  • mason jar
  • quarter
  • potting soil
  • spoon or other scoop

Start with a mason canning jar or a clear vase. Explain that this represents the person being baptized (Johnny).

Hold up a shiny new quarter and explain that this is the Holy Ghost. Drop it into the jar and shake it around. Ask the children if they can hear the Holy Ghost. This represents the Holy Ghost helping us to choose the right.

Add a small scoop of dirt to the jar and explain that Johnny promised his mother he would clean his room before going out to play, but he forgot. Shake the jar again and ask if the children can hear the Holy Ghost still. (They should be able to.)

Keep adding small scoops of dirt and explain the sins that Johnny has done. Soon the children will not be able to hear the Holy Ghost. Explain that when we sin, the Holy Ghost withdraws from us and can't speak to us.

Ask the children how we can make it so we can hear the Holy Ghost again. (Discuss Repentance). Dump the dirt from the jar, wipe off any excess, and put the quarter back in.

Explain that through Jesus Christ's Atonement we can be forgiven of our sins and be completely clean! When we are clean, we are able to hear the Holy Ghost clearly again. Kids love the dirt and listening for the Holy Ghost. This works well at baptisms if you have a tablecloth or something to keep the mess to a minimum.

(Source: Christy's Clipart, with some modification by Jenny Smith)

August 24, 2005
Scripture Reference:
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