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What Stuck With You?

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By Susie Waalkes Kershaw

 I thought I would share how our class is doing the "what stuck with you" idea. We have our own "sacred grove" and every Friday they add a leaf on what they learned that week.

Jeanette Brooks. We do the "what stuck with you" idea also. It so neat to look back on what stuck. I don't have the room or ability to do a great board like this but I think it's awesome. I share the RS room and have very limited wall space. I just wanted you to know how amazing I think his is. Good job with the inspiration.

Coleen Machiel Castro I agree n I'm jealous at those who have space. But I may use this idea on a removable posterboard.
Linda Denyer Abilez I LOVE this! I wish I had seen this at the beginning of the year because I totally would have stolen your idea.
Marjean Jones Livingston This is impressive. When do you all find the time? Just the lesson can take so much time. I do have room for this
Marcy Fluckiger I love this. We have been having the kids who say the closing prayer stand and before saying the prayer, say "today I have learned for myself..." I would love to have a wall to decorate with those 'stick with you messages!'
Shellie Smith Brewer This is such a great idea. Marjean Jones Livingston all you have to is give them the paper and have them do it just before the prayer. When I have done it they just stick them up on the way out the door. I read them as they put them up. I have wished for way to save them
Heidi Sowards I wonder if I could use a foam type transportable board since I don't have my own bulletin board- hmmm!
Nancy Hansen Fabulous! Started late and have been waiting for the "perfect" interactive thing for one bulletin board. This is it.  Could use the pack of silk leaves from Dollar Tree if they still have them instead of cutting paper. Well done and thanks for sharing!
Deborah Hotine Maddock That's great. I too, love this group. I have all boys and one girl in my class so a lot off the craft/artistic stuff would just not work for me, but I take the great ideas anyway.
Susie Waalkes Kershaw LeAnn Van Ausdal Browning and Celeste Boyack Cragun It's the 19 questions to ask yourself if it's true-I can't remember who I got it from-I think it was from this group somewhere!!!
Susie Waalkes Kershaw Found where I got it- from Purpose Driven Motherhood and she got it from Eric Richards! If I was tech savvy I would link it- sorry!
Lora Marshall Nehring For those of you without bulletin board space, like me, I made this on a tri-fold board. It's 36x48 so it is a good size.
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Jeanette Brooks. I'm so excited. I am starting year 5 in less than a month... That means I can now do this bulletin board since Primary has given me a 4x4 board in the back wall and I get a movable chalkboard with a board on the back!!!! I'm so doing this!!!! I do have question I hope can be answered. 
Jeanette Brooks. I'm so excited.... I have to finish my board but last time I did D&C I didn't have wall space in RS room, but this time I'm in the Primary room and the Primary Pres has given me a bulletin board and I use a rolling board for ASK & DM. So, I have to finish it up but this board is going to happen this year. So excited to put learned principles on the tree!!!!
Brenda DeRosier Janke leaf sticky notes at amazon

Laura Buell Romig Thank you for the great idea!! We just finished our tree last week and love it!! Of course it's a little bare until the students start adding the leaves but so happy how it turned out. Thanks again 

Laura Buell Romig
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Diane Wilson Flanagan Here's our version. So excited to see what the kids write on their leaves! Thanks again for the wonderful idea!

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