Tag: nourishing the word of God

December 25, 2009
Plant the word of god in your heart

Items needed: Assemble some gardening aids (small bag of fertilizer, trowel, watering can, picture of sun, etc.), and put them into a box or bag. Paper, tape, marker for making labels Pictures of trees in various stages of growth Lesson: Help the children memorize Alma 32:21. Then have them follow along in their scriptures as […]

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March 19, 2005
Nourishing the Word

To teach about nourishing the word of God after it has been planted in our hearts (see Alma 32:28–43), draw pictures of two plants—one that is healthy and has moist, rich soil and one that is unhealthy and has dry, poor soil. (Source: Teaching, No Greater Call, F: Methods of Teaching, Comparisons and Object Lessons) […]

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