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September 22, 2008
Repentance... How sweet it is!

Get an unsweetened bar of baking chocolate and cover label with a piece of paper and label it "SINS". Then get a bar of milk chocolate and label it "FORGIVENESS" OR "REPENTANCE". Have a good-natured girl volunteer. Then have her take a bite of the "SIN" bar. (Have a garbage can ready for her). Ask […]

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February 20, 2006
Repentance lightens the burden of sin

Items needed heavy rocks or other items (like books) backpack Explain that sin burdens our souls. Then have someone put on the backpack. Place several large rocks in the backpack, talking about the burden of sin, or small sins that one might commit. Have the person in the backpack describe the weight of the backpack. […]

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August 24, 2005
Holy Ghost is a Comforter

I brought a comforter from home and talked about how the Holy Ghost is the Comforter. Then I held up a small wall hanging I had made using the attic windows quilt block and talked about how each of these 'windows' could represent a different role of the the Holy Ghost (Comforter, companion, etc.) and […]

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