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The Web Game

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[This is] the web game. You need a ball of yarn, a beach ball, and some scissors. Everyone (except one leader) stands in a circle. The game leader ties the yarn around her finger and says something nice about someone else and throws the yarn. The girl who gets the yarn wraps it around her finger or thumb and repeats the process. Continue this until there is a big web of yarn - typically 5-8 fingers wrapped up. The leader on the outside can help throw the yarn when too many fingers are wrapped up. The leader on the outside has everyone back up so the web is tight. Then she throws in a beach ball. The web holds up the beach ball. Talk about how when everyone works together and build on strengths, we can withstand anything. Now the leader talks about how little petty things can ruin the web.

As she mentions things like backbiting, gossip, criticism, anger, jealousy, etc., she should cut one or two strands from the web. Have everyone back up again and you'll see the web fall apart. Throw the ball in and see how much more difficult it is to hold it up.

From the lds-youngwomen Yahoo group

October 18, 2005
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