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Time Management / Procrastination

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Get two volunteers. Give each volunteer 10-30 square children's wooden ABC blocks. (amount depends on what age you are working with, they will be stacking the blocks, so young children will not be able to stack as many)

Tell the volunteers that they have an assignment to stack as many blocks as they can. One person will get approx. 10 seconds while the other gets 1 minute (again vary time according to age).

Let the one minute person start first and then have the second person begin when there is 10 seconds left.  Discuss how procrastination makes someone feel.  Why did the person who only had a few seconds make such a sloppy stack?  What are some things we put off doing?  How can we better plan our time to include scripture study in our day?  Prayer?  Ministry? Family Home Evening?  Repentance?  What will be the effect if we put off these things?

June 26, 2006
Scripture Reference:
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