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Use a Respected Adult

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Use a respected adult to help you teach the class. Separate into groups and have the other adult teach one group while you teach another. Give the students a few minutes at the end of class to share what they learned.

EXAMPLE: When teaching Ruth, I asked my husband to take the boys while I took the girls. We wrote down the qualities that Ruth and Boaz had that would make them good spouses. The boys analyzed Boaz, and the girls took Ruth. I had written down some points from my reading to help us guide the discussion with our respective groups. During the discussion, as the kids would raise a point, I would point them to these verses (as did my husband). The kids were impressed enough with these two Bible personalities to mark several verses without being prompted. Yes! The objective was to identify positive characteristics in Ruth and Boaz the students want to include in their lives or find in a spouse.


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