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You Rock!

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I collect rocks! Whenever we go someplace unusual (like Ireland, Cancun, or Zions National Park) I always bring home a tiny rock that reminds me of that place and its particular beauty. Now some people just kick rocks out of thier way or some throw rocks to see how stong they are and some curse rocks because they might have stubbed thier toe on them. Some people even ignore rocks. In actuality, there are such unique rocks with such unique sources or origin. (I happen to love geology!) Some resulted from an explosive force, some from years of tumbling along the bottom of a riverbed. Some were formed by millions of years of being smashed under the weight of other rocks. Each rock is totally unique!

(Then I passed around a bowl of candy rocks) This bowl contains some unusual rocks, pretty rocks. Suppose I told you to take one and bite it? Who would dare?

(then discuss the sweet surprise that they discover INSIDE that rock!?!)

Each of YOU are beautiful in a different way from different reasons and EACH has something wonderful inside that when discovered makes the world a little sweeter! Like the rocks, each is made by a loving Heavenly Father who loves us no matter what formed us or shaped us . He can always taste the 'sweet' inside! How do we treat the 'rocks' around us? Can you 'taste' the sweet inside of the girl (rock) sitting next to you?

Handout: A small bag of candy rocks and a tag that reads, "YOU Rock!"

September 7, 2008
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