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Answer with a Scripture

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I have a new favorite tool for getting my students to participate! I have had way too many times when I have asked a soul searching question and they just look at me with blank stares and no matter how long I wait (I am good at waiting) I get no response. I know they have the knowledge and insight required -- they are Juniors and Seniors -- so today after we identified that "crying repentance simply means helping others return to God," I asked "How can you go about 'crying repentance' to the people in your life," and I got that blank stare, so I decided on the spot to have them find a scripture to answer the question and write the reference on the board. Every student did it, and we then went through and had them read the ones they had written on the board and identify the action they can take from the scripture and we made a list, it was awesome.

I have also done this in pairs and small groups with the same great results.

(idea from Cathy N.)

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