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Assigned Discussion Leader

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One person in the group is asked to present on a topic or review material for the group and then lead the discussion for the group. This person should not be the regular group leader.


  • When assigning a discussion topic to individual members of the group, you may need to be prepared to allow a little time for the person leading the discussion to prepare for the discussion.
  • This technique works best when everyone or nearly everyone in the group is given an assignment to be the “expert” on.

For example, in a Come Follow Me classroom, a group of students might be assigned a few verses from a passage. Each student could be assigned a principle or doctrine to study with the intent of leading a discussion on the topic with the class. Students may also be encouraged to use the study aids to help them prepare for group discussion. Teachers will need to do some instruction on how to lead a group effectively. Does the leader want participants to call out answers? Raise hands? Write responses? What kind of questions are best for eliciting discussion? What kinds of questions might result in poor answers? What kinds of questions might come up during the discussion? How will group leaders handle a question if they don't immediately know the answer? How much time should the discussion take?

(The Basic Collaborative Learning Techniques, Supplemental Instruction, Iowa State University, http://www.dso.iastate.edu/asc/supplemental/SIShowcaseCollaborative.pdf)

Great for: Giving every person a turn, Reviewing a scripture story, Mission preparation

Class size: Any class size

Helps Students: SHARE feelings, thoughts, or personal experiences, SEE a gospel principle in action

Prep Time:

Student Age: Any age

Equipment needed:

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