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Bad Economy.....

I think something is wrong with me.

All everyone talks about is the horrible economy, and that it's going to get worse and worse.... So today, we go out and spend $2000 with the intent to spend about $10000 more.

I'm a little numb.

We went to Home Depot and bought a compound miter saw, some blades and random hand tools, and an $800 washer. Yes, _I_, Queen of the Cheapos, bought an EIGHTHUNDREDDOLLAR washer. (We bought a dryer for ASL, too. I honestly couldn't resist. The washer was on sale, and it has the biggest capacity I've ever seen -- 4.7 cubic feet. That's bigger even than those ginormous front-loading washers. Plus it's super energy efficient. I got home and checked Consumer Reports, and this model, a Maytag Bravos, is the third best ranked top-loading washer. The washer we have now (and intended to replace with a similar bottom-of-the-barrel model) was ranked dead last.

The 2x4x10s to do the basement are twice as expensive as 2x4x8s. Joy. But it's probably worth it to not have to basically do double the work to frame the basement. Jared's folks and mine will be here in a few weeks to help us, and I am still a little freaked. Should we spend the money when the economy is doing so poorly?

If not now, when, tho.

So the Smiths did our part to bolster the economy today. Now I'm done for the next 100 years or so....

BTW -- Speaking of ASL, her furnace went out for the fourth time in two months last night. We went down there this morning to loan her some space heaters and borrow her truck (to get the washer/dryer), and literally, she was blue. Her hands were such a funny color of blue that I actually thought they were dirty at first! We checked the thermometer, and it was 59 degrees inside her house! She is 78 years old, for crying out loud!!!! I told her if the furnace guy can't get her going tonight that I want her to sleep up here. That house is like a sieve -- she can not be sleeping there in weather like this.

I did go to the gym today. It's been a month (blushing). I weighed in at 136. Worked on the elliptical for about 30 minutes. Got a haircut. Why can't anyone except Elise cut short hair???

This week I'm filling orders for the Bishop's storehouse, and we're going to go over to a sister's house to help pack for a move. I'm in the mood to paint. We'll see if I do it or not. Plus the regular kid stuff. Gonna be a long one.

Post Date: February 24, 2009
Author: Jenny Smith
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Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith is a designer who started blogging in 2004 to share lesson and activity ideas with members of her home branch Mississippi. Her collection has grown, and she now single-handedly manages the world's largest collection of free lesson help for LDS teachers with faceted search. Her library includes teaching techniques, object lessons, mini lessons, handouts, visual aids, and doctrinal mastery games categorized by scripture reference and gospel topic. Jenny loves tomatoes, Star Trek, and her family -- not necessarily in that order.
Jenny Smith is a designer, blogger, and tomato enthusiast who lives in Virginia on a 350+ acre farm with her husband and one very grouchy cat.
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