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Seminary Scramble

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From Jonna C - Print these cards on one side of a sheet of cardstock, so that the answers can't be seen through the back of the cards.



1- Set up your classroom with enough small tables (classroom tables work great), and 3-4 chairs at each table, to divide your class into teams. Teams don't need to be even. When your class arrives they sit with their scriptures at one of the tables making up each team. Each team will need a white board, marker and eraser (or some way to record their answers). Teams are labeled ""Table 1"", ""Table 2"", and so forth. You can remove all extra chairs. If you have late-comers you can either leave a couple empty chairs at the tables, or have them grab a chair to add to a table when they come.

2- At the front of the room have a small table holding a stack of cards (face down) for each team, with a corresponding number indicating which stack belongs to which table. Make sure to leave enough space between the labels for the cards to be placed beside eath other. Also, create a scoreboard at the front of the room.


3- Give a clue (DM clue, or an assessment review question, etc. depending on the objective of your game). Give teams 45 seconds to a minute to write an answer down as a team. (If reviewing DM, have them record their answer all open to that scripture).

4- On your cue, all teams reveal their answers at the same time. If a team answers correctly, one member of the team comes and grabs a card from their stack at the front of the room.

5- Here's where the fun happens. Each team must follow the directions on the card they draw:

a) +1, +3, +4 simply add these points to the table's points total on the scoreboard up front

b) +5 must sing the song to earn the points. If they refuse, that table loses 5 points (loved this one)

c) -2 simply subtract these points from the table's points on the scoreboard

d) Move Cards are just that, everyone mentioned (boys, girls, or everyone) at ALL tables needs to move, with their scriptures, to a different table. This is the most fun because points stay with the table, so everyone will try to all get to, and if necessary bump someone from, the table with the most points.

*NOTE: For step 4, if the teacher reveals the point cards for each team that got the answer right (rather than a player grabbing one), actions take place in the order the teacher draws them. and the teacher randomizes the order of revealing the cards each time (table 2, 1 ,4 then 3, or table 3, 4, 1, then 2, etc). Advantage - everyone sees what everyone got, and the Move Cards happen in the order drawn.

**We played that each team with the correct answer came and drew their card, and posted their own points simultaneously. If they had an action card (for 5 points) they announced it and sang (and we had a good laugh!). If multiple Move Cards were drawn, we had them wait for any action cards and singing that had to be done, then we had them move in number order. (i.e. Table 2 drew a 'Boys Move' and Table 4 drew an 'Everyone Move' card, 'boys moved' first for Table 2's card, then we did an 'everyone move' for table 4's card) This only happened once or twice, so it wasn't a problem. Advantage - moved along faster so we could get in more playtime and more clues. Take your pick of drawing the card for them, or having them do it themselves.


When class time is over, those sitting at the table with the most points are declared the winner.


There are 5 sets of cards below - each in a different color for ease of sorting late (black, purple, blue, green, and red. Best if printed on cardstock. Print only the number of sets you need. ENJOY! ! "

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