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Doctrinal Mastery Case Studies

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Brandon C shared his Doctrinal Mastery Case Studies, saying I've been working on some doctrinal mastery resources over Christmas break. My students really enjoy case studies, so I created a case study to go with each of the doctrinal mastery verses we cover this semester. I intentional used a casual tone to make it feel more authentic, but the topics are pretty intense. Feel free to use them if you'd like!

Q - Thank you very much for sharing this! Would you mind sharing how you use the case studies in class? Role play? A discussion about what you would say? What have you found to be effective?

A - I typically just announce we're going to do a case study, then read it to them. Then I have them respond without taking any time to think. Most of the cases are designed to create cognitive dissonance, so regardless of how they respond I challenge them on what they've said. Then, once they're intrigued, I ask them to go find a doctrinal mastery passage that will help resolve the question. The best part is that they typically find two or three to resolve it despite the fact that I only intended it to be used for one. The basic concept behind case studies is that you have to help students get a question before you can help them find an answer. I use the cases at the beginning to spark a little desire in them.

Q - So what is the reference you assigned to the case study? Is that in case they don’t come up with something on their own so you can direct them a bit?

A - I always have an ideal verse in mind. The kids almost always get to it, but if they don’t I show them. The verse next to it is the ideal verse in my mind.

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