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Be True Clear Through

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Items needed

  • a hollow chocolate, like a chocolate bunny or Christmas tree
  • a chocolate covered candy bar
  • a solid milk chocolate bar

Tell the class you've brought some special treats for them to enjoy, but want them to carefully observe (with their spiritual eyes) each object as it is cut open.

Invite a volunteer to come forward. Have them cut the hollow chocolate candy. Observations made by the students could include: Many things seem good on the outside but are hollow and empty inside. (or Some activities seem fun but leave you feeling hollow afterwards. They are not wholesome activities.)

Invite another volunteer to come forward. Have them cut the chocolate covered candy bar. Observations made by the students could include: This chocolate covered candy bar is kind of like many of us, or many things in the world. They have some of the chocolate goodness on them, but inside there is some work to do.

Ask for a third volunteer to come forward. Have them cut the solid milk chocolate bar several times to see what is inside. Observations made by the students could include: This chocolate is "pure" solid chocolate all the way through. It both looks good, and is good. It's consistent: you know what you're going to get in each bite when you buy this piece of chocolate.

Read the following quote from Elder Wirthlin:

"Do we, indeed, actually live the gospel, or do we just manifest the appearance of righteousness so that those around us assume we are faithful when, in reality, our hearts and unseen actions are not true to the Lord’s teachings? "Do we take on only the “form of godliness” while denying the “power thereof”?

"Are we righteous in fact, or do we feign obedience only when we think others are watching? "The Lord has made it clear that He will not be fooled by appearances, and He has warned us not to be false to Him or to others. He has cautioned us to be wary of those who project a false front, who put on a bright pretense that hides a darker reality. We know that the Lord 'looketh on the heart' and not on the 'outward appearance.'

"The Savior taught us to 'judge not according to the appearance' and warned us against wolves who 'come to [us] in sheep’s clothing' and whose deception can only be discovered 'by [examining] their fruits.'

"... President Marion G. Romney wisely observed that there are too many of us 'who try to serve the Lord without offending the devil.'

"The Lord requireth the heart and a willing mind.' Hence, the first of the Ten Commandments is, 'Thou shalt have no other gods before me,' and the Savior declared that the first and great commandment is, 'Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.' Only when we give our all and overcome our pride and walk the path of faith without deviation can we honestly sing, 'Lord, accept our _true_ devotion.' " (Joseph B. Wirthlin, "True to the Truth," Ensign, May 1997)

Things to discuss:

1) How can we become the same inside and outside? How does this apply to baptism and repentance?

2) What are some things that seem good on the outside but have no real worth?

3) What are some things that look good on the outside but are different once you see inside? or What are some things in your life that are on the way to becoming consistent inside and outside?

4) Name some examples of things that are consistently good clear through. (scriptures, Savior, Heavenly Father, temple)

A Hollow Bunny:

A Solid Chocolate bunny

A bunny filled with peanut butter

This object lesson was inspired by one at KidsSundaySchool.com.

October 11, 2004
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